About Us

Hair Turners is a premium wigs manufacturing company based in India having an hands on experience of 8+ years in this field. We use 100% Genuine Indian Remy Hair to make our wigs. Each of our wigs are hand crafted to ensure maximum quality and comfort to our customers.

People Behind HairTurners

Ankit Jasarasaria
Sales and Logistics

Has 8 years of experience in dealings of financial instruments and has thorough knowledge in the area of sales and clientele dealings. At HairTurners, he takes care of sales as well as logistics activities.

Gaurav Kedia
Activity Coordinator

Gaurav takes care of all the sales activites and helps us in various business endeavors with his 10 years experience and deep insight in different fields of business and strong interpersonal skills.

Karan Doshi

Has 2 years experience in network marketing business and more than 8 years experience in dyes and chemicals. At Hair Turners , Karan takes care of all procurement, manufacturing and packaging.

Akshit Gupta

Having a 10+ years of experience in web development and digital marketing, Akshit takes care of all the marketing and sales promotions at Hair Turners.