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The first redhead Disney princess, Ariel, the Little Mermaid, has always been a fashion icon with her trademark side bang hairstyle. No girl can ever forget how her gorgeous hair managed to fluff and swish around even underwater. Apart from the chance to try on such great designer Ariel wigs, the character offers you the choice of going to your costume party as a mermaid princess or a human royalty.

Ariel Wig for Adults

Since the character had so many costume changes in the film, you get to choose from the bow hairstyle she donned with the blue gown, the open hairstyle with a side clip that went with the pretty green gown, and of course her flowing open mermaid hair, with or without the flower.

Adult Ariel Wig

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Ariel Cosplay Wig

Ariel Adult Wig

Ariel Costume Wig

Ariel Wig Adult

Ariel Wig Images

Ariel Wig Pictures

Ariel Wigs for Adults

Ariel Wigs

Disney Ariel Wig

Little Mermaid Ariel Wig

Red Ariel Mermaid Wig

Red Ariel Wig

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Ariel Wig for Kids

Being a mermaid, she has always fascinated little girls, who love her a little more for her flaming hair. You will never catch your daughter complaining about her Halloween costume, especially when it comes with such a fun wig. You can even add a seashell tiara – Ariel is a mermaid princess after all!

Ariel Mermaid Wig

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Ariel Wig Child

Ariel Wig for Kids

Ariel Wig

Children’s Ariel Wig

Ariel Little Mermaid Wig

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