Black and White Wigs

The ultimate fashion statement made famous by immortal characters like the gracefully evil Cruella de Vil. Now, the wigs aren’t limited to the styles sported by Miss de Vil, as the combination of black and white for a classy hairstyle caught the fancy of young ladies worldwide, calling for costume wigs with different hairstyles.

Here, you can get a pretty good idea of the sort of styles available for you, as you can get black and white ombre wigs, half-and-half wigs, black/white highlights on a long or short bob hairstyle, and also the dip dyed look. There are trendy pixie cuts, long side bangs, and short curly styles. These look best when combined with black or white sequined dresses, or for a better effect, you can go for a combination if the two colors. Like, carry a white feather boa with a long black dress maybe?

Black and White Bob Wig

Black and White Cosplay Wig

Black and White Split Wig

Black and White Wig Cosplay

Black and White Wig Costume

Black and White Wig Images

Black and White Wig Photos

Black and White Wig Pictures

Black and White Wig

Black and White Wigs for Halloween

Black and White Wigs

Images of Black and White Wig

Long Black and White Wig

Pictures of Black and White Wig

White and Black Wig

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