Green Ombre Wigs

Ombre wigs have always been in fashion, and green wigs are the best among the off-beat costume wigs. Green ombre wigs, especially the long ones, are most suitable if you are planning to dress up as a mermaid, or a forest fairy. There are short hairstyles available too, for a more modern look.

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Most of these wigs come in a black and dark green combination, while there are brown and black hairstyles too. Pair them with some dark combination, like a moss green sequin gown, or a dark green velvet dress, along with golden jewelry.

Pictures of Green Ombre Wig

Ombre Green Wig

Images of Green Ombre Wig

Green Ombre Wig

Green Ombre Wigs

Green Ombre Wig Images

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Green Ombre Wig Pictures

Green Ombre Wig Photos

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