Jasmine Wigs

Jasmine, the Princess of the fictional kingdom of Agrabah from the Disney classic Aladdin, is probably the most glamorous of all the Disney princesses, naturally making her a popular choice for cosplays and costume parties.

Ladies love to dress up like the Middle Eastern fashionista with her thick black braided hair accessorized with the blue ornate headband. The wig is the key when you are trying to look like Princess Jasmine, and if you get the wig right, any teal or blue dress would do the job.

Jasmine Wig for Adults

Disney Jasmine Wig

Buy Jasmine Wig for Adults

Disney Princess Jasmine Wig

Jasmine Cosplay Wig

Jasmine Wig

Jasmine Wigs

Princess Jasmine Adult Wig

Princess Jasmine Hair Wig

Princess Jasmine Wig

Princess Jasmine Wigs

Jasmine Wig Images

Jasmine Wig for Kids

Yes, the Jasmine costume is equally popular among little girls all over the world. And why shouldn’t she be? Check out how adorable your little princess could look in a stylish Jasmine wig, the blue headband, ribbons and all. Make sure the wig isn’t too long for her to manage though.

Jasmine Wig for Child

Buy Jasmine Wig for Kids

Jasmine Wig for Kids

Kids Jasmine Wig

Princess Jasmine Wig for Kids

Princess Jasmine Wig Kids

Jasmine Wig Kid

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