Jessica Rabbit Wigs

There is no dearth of attractive animated characters in films and television, and when it comes to Jessica Rabbit, she is at the very top of the list. Once Disney had a chance to work their magic on this gorgeous character from the book Who Censored Roger Rabbit, the result had to be gorgeous. And here we are, making a collection of the best Jessica Rabbit wigs for cosplays and parties.

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You can’t really go wrong with that red haired look, in that slit dress. The bangs definitely add to the glamour, especially when paired with such flaming red lips. Just go for it the next time you get invited to a costume party. It works for Halloween as well.

Images of Jessica Rabbit Wig

Jessica Rabbit Wig Photos

Jessica Rabbit Wig Images

Jessica Rabbit Wig Pictures

Jessica Rabbit Wig

Red Jessica Rabbit Wig

Buy Jessica Rabbit Wigs

Pictures of Jessica Rabbit Wig

Jessica Rabbit Wigs

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