Joe Dirt Wig

No matter how scorned and slighted the despicable-turned lovable character of Joe Dirt was, in the 2001 comedy movie of the same name, it didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most popular choices for cosplay and costume parties.

Joe Dirt Wig for Adults

His long dirty blonde mullet hair is the primary feature of any costume inspired by the character. Check out the Joe Dirt wigs available online and choose the right one for yourself, because once you have the right wig, you can’t mess up the rest of the costume.

Images of Joe Dirt Wig

Buy Joe Dirt Wig for Adults

Joe Dirt Mullet Wig

Joe Dirt Wig Images

Joe Dirt Wig Pictures

Joe Dirt Wig

Joe Dirt Wig Photos

Pictures of Joe Dirt Wig

Joe Dirt Wigs

Joe Dirt Wig for Kids

Have you ever imagined your little boy in a mullet haircut? Well, you won’t have to imagine it anymore – just get a Joe Dirt wig for him! He is sure to look as adorable as ever, and if you want to take things a little further, dress him up in a sleeveless shirt, and a pair of loose-fitting denim trousers.

Joe Dirt Kids Wig

Buy Joe Dirt Wig for Kids

Joe Dirt Wig for Kids

Joe Dirt Wig for Toddler

Joe Dirt Wig Kid

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