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Who says that only superheroes are qualified to become style icons? And when it comes to super-stylish supervillains, Marvel’s Batman has always risen to the occasion, with characters like the Joker and Harley Quinn being extremely popular at costume parties. And who can deny the contribution of Heath Ledger in turning Joker a shade more popular, with such great shaggy blonde hair and that iconic purple suit?

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Joker wigs have now come to stand for the dirty blonde hairstyle of Ledger, as sported by his character in The Dark Knight. And as you can see from the following images, the wig is the key to any Joker costume (apart from the face paint of course!), so choose wisely. Ladies may also go for a flashy joker costume if Harley Quinn seems too common a look for them.

Arkham Joker Wig

Dark Knight Joker Wig

Batman Joker Wig

Female Joker Wig

Green Joker Wig

Joker Wig Pictures

Joker Wig Photos

Joker Hair Wig

Joker Wig Images

Joker Costume Wig

Joker Wig

Buy Joker Wigs

Joker Wigs

Jokers Wig

The Joker Wig

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