Lavender Wigs

Among all colorful costume wigs, unconventional colors like lavender and yellow have a special charm for being uncommon yet as charming as pink, blue, or green wigs. And lavender is a color that can go with your look, whether you are headed for a summer afternoon party or a glamorous evening cosplay.

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There are different shades of lavender, including pastel-colored wigs and darker, shinier ones. They are also available in all possible hairstyles, be it a short bob style, a really long flowing one, or a trendy layered wig with gorgeous side bangs. You can also style your lavender wig in any style you want, braids, ponytail, bun, whatever you can think of. Keep your accessories light to have a breezy look.

Lavender Hair Wig

Lavender Lace Front Wig

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Lavender Wig Human Hair

Lavender Wig Pictures

Lavender Wig

Long Lavender Wig

Lavender Wigs

Buy Lavender Wigs

Lavender Bob Wig

Lavender Grey Wig

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