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Hollywood movies have always been an abundant source of dazzling fashion icons, who, with their gorgeous attires and glamorous hairstyles have bewitched us for years. Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace is one such example from the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction, showing how to turn a seemingly simple style into a signature one.

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Check out some Mia Wallace wigs as the black bob haircut with bangs is indeed the most important thing you will need if you are planning to don that lithe and cool look for your next cosplay. You can go for the neatly brushed look or a more dramatic shaggy-haired one.

Images of Mia Wallace Wig

Mia Wallace Hair Wig

Mia Wallace Wig Images

Mia Wallace Wig Pictures

Mia Wallace Wig Photos

Pictures of Mia Wallace Wig

Buy Mia Wallace Wigs

Mia Wallace Wigs

Mia Wallace Wig

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