Poison Ivy Wigs

As we already know, the popular DC Comics series of Batman has delivered some of the most famous comic book style icons with the eco-terrorist Poison Ivy being one of them. Her vibrant green outfit, along with her flaming red hair does make her a hot favorite among girls who are not scared to go a little out of the way with their cosplay look.

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Check out how many different hairstyles the Poison Ivy wigs are available in, and take your pick. You can go for the wigs fashioned on Uma Thurman’s look from Batman & Robin, where the actress portrayed the super villain with such grace and beauty. Or you may pick the curly hairstyles with bangs, as whatever you choose, you are sure to look fabulous.

Images of Poison Ivy Wig

Poison Ivy Batman Wig

Poison Ivy Cosplay Wig

Poison Ivy Costume Wig

Poison Ivy Hair Wig

Poison Ivy Wig Pictures

Poison Ivy Wig with Horns

Poison Ivy Wig Photos

Poison Ivy Red Wig

Poison Ivy Wig Images

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Poison Ivy Wigs

Poison Ivy Wig

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