Princess Leia Wigs

The royal outcast turned lethal agent, Princess Leia from the Star Wars franchise took the fashion world by storm with her tidy side-bun hairstyle. It’s no surprise that she should be a popular choice among ladies for costume parties.

Princess Leia Wig For Adults

The spiral buns along with the white long sleeve dress do not need an introduction, wherever you may decide to flaunt them. You can go for the high buns or the low buns depending on your face shape, and be sure to look the coolest extraterrestrial being ever.

Princess Leia Wig Cosplay

Buy Princess Leia Wig For Adults

Princess Leia Wig Images

Princess Leia Wigs

Princess Leia Wig Pictures

Princess Leia Wig

Princess Leia Wig Photos

Princess Leia Wig For Kids

Little girls are not far behind their elder sisters when it comes to dressing up like this ageless character. Maybe they are too young to understand the intricate storyline, but that doesn’t stop them from showing off their royal side with a twist.

Princess Leia Baby Wig

Buy Princess Leia Wig For Kids

Princess Leia Kids Wig

Princess Leia Wig Child

Princess Leia Wig Kid

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