Rapunzel Wigs

When it comes to Disney costume wigs, Rapunzel is the first princess to come to your mind. The flowing blonde hair, dragging behind you as you walk around in your fancy costume, is sure to look magical and youthful – so what if it won’t actually have any magic powers to restore youth.

Rapunzel Wig for Adults

You can go for the braided wigs that come ready with flowers and other embellishments (imagine three giggling little girls doing it for you), or you can pick the open hair wigs with those golden locks. Take care not to trip, though.

Adult Rapunzel Wig

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Disney Rapunzel Wig

Long Rapunzel Wig

Rapunzel Adult Wig

Rapunzel Braid Wig

Rapunzel Costume Wig

Rapunzel Cosplay Wig

Rapunzel Hair Wig

Rapunzel Wig Adult

Rapunzel Wig

Rapunzel Wigs for Adults

Tangled Rapunzel Wig

Rapunzel Wigs for Adults

Rapunzel Wig for Adults

Tangled Rapunzel Wig for Adults

Rapunzel Wig for Kids

The hair is the main reason why kids love to dress up like Rapunzel. Remember those days when you used to sneak into your mom’s dressing room to try on her wigs with a make-shift tiara with her necklace? Make sure to keep the length of the wig as well as the dress manageable for your little princess.

Rapunzel Wig for Kids

Buy Rapunzel Wigs for Kids

Kids Rapunzel Wig

Childrens Rapunzel Wig

Rapunzel Wig Children

Rapunzel Wig Child

Rapunzel Wigs

Rapunzel Wigs for Kids

Toddler Rapunzel Wig

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