Sailor Moon Wig

If there is one thing every Japanese manga series fans would agree, it would be that Usagi Tsukino, the lead character from the popular cartoon Sailor Moon, has great hair. How does one get such awesome long, golden hair? Easy. Get a Sailor Moon wig.

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Check out the variations here Рyou can go for the regular long, top-knotted wigs, or, if you are in a mood for a more feminine look, go for the pink ponytailed ones. Sailor Moon wigs are available even in black, so, those who think a blonde hairstyle is not for you, these dark wigs got you covered.

Images of Sailor Moon Wig

Pictures of Sailor Moon Wig

Black Sailor Moon Wig

Sailor Moon Cosplay Wig

Sailor Moon Luna Wig

Sailor Moon Wig Images

Sailor Moon Wig Photos

Sailor Moon Wig Pictures

Sailor Moon Wigs

Sailor Moon Wig

Buy Sailor Moon Wig

Sailor Chibi Moon Wig

Sailor Mini Moon Wig

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