Short Green Wigs

This is one of those wigs that go well with various outfits and colors. When you pair a short green wig with a snowy white costume, you get a serene plant fairy-like look, while flaunting a green hairstyle with a dark outfit renders a femme fatale appearance.

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Of course, you get to choose from different hairstyles and shades when you decide to go for a short green wig. There are pixie hairstyles, the most common and gorgeous option available, while the short bobs and side bang styles are also quite stunning. If you don’t want your hair to be short, go for the shoulder length wigs, and look like a garden princess by dressing up in a floral gown and flaunting some sparkly yet light jewelry.

Green Short Wig

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Pictures of Short Green Wig

Short Green Wig Images

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Short Green Wig

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Short Green Wig Pictures

Short Green Wig Photos

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