Super Saiyan Wigs

The flaming blonde hairstyle of the Super Saiyan avatar of Goku from the Dragon Ball manga TV series is no less popular than the black hairstyle of the character when it comes to cosplay wigs. And they come in a range of colors apart from blonde to present you with a wider range to choose from.

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Going for this costume has the advantage of giving you the choice of transforming from Goku to the Super Saiyan in a matter of minutes, just by switching the wigs. The outfit remains the same, so if you get a Goku wig along with this one, you are ready to transform anytime, anywhere!

Super Saiyan 3 Wig

Super Saiyan God Wig

Super Saiyan Hair Wig

Super Saiyan Wig Photos

Super Saiyan Wig Images

Super Saiyan Wigs

Buy Super Saiyan Wigs

Super Saiyan Wig

Super Saiyan Wig Pictures

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