Troll Wigs

It’s nothing new for a toy line to inspire a whole franchise including feature-length films, video games, and costumes. However, it does not always happen that such a doll collection has so trendy up-combed hair, providing countless options for stylish cosplay wigs that make you look like you are hanging upside-down.

Troll Wig for Adults

Men can choose from the bright colored wigs like blue and green, while women may go for the more feminine options of bubble gum pink, and purple. The rainbow wigs are for all of those who are not satisfied with just one color.

Green Troll Wig

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Orange Troll Wig

Purple Troll Wig

Rainbow Troll Wig

Troll Doll Wig

Troll Doll Wigs

Troll Hair Wig

Troll Wig for Adults

Troll Wigs

Troll Wig

Troll Wig for Adult

Troll Wig for Kids

Kids will love these wigs even more as they can now dress up like their favorite characters from the movie. Although the Poppy wig, with its shocking pink color and the cute headband, is more popular, those fashioned on the other characters are no less adorable.

Blue Troll Wig

Buy Troll Wig for Kids

Pink Troll Wig

Troll Wig for Baby

Troll Wig for Kids

Troll Wig For Toddler

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