Ursula Wigs

Yet another bad girl with great hair, Ursula, the octopus-like antagonist from the Disney classic Little Mermaid, has become a fashion icon with her up-brushed platinum hair. An Ideal choice for a Halloween costume, check out the stylish variations of Ursula wigs here.

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There are shorter wigs available for those looking for something relatively realistic yet equally glamorous, while those willing to look more like the underwater evil queen wannabe may go for the ‘higher’ styles. Just make sure to pick a wig that suits your face shape.

Disney Ursula Wig

Ursula Costume Wig

Ursula Little Mermaid Wig

Ursula Hair Wig

Ursula Sea Witch Wig

Ursula Cosplay Wig

Ursula Wig

Ursula Wig Little Mermaid

Buy Ursula Wigs

Ursula Wig Images

Ursula Wig DIY

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